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Miercuri, 24 Martie 2010 17:16

IDEA IDEA assembles cages by means of the patented 'Schnell System' (Patented): using three thin longitudinal wires ,which may be welded to any point of the stirrup's exterior surface IDEA is able to half-assemble lattice girders of stirrups of any shape and size.
Its operation is extremely simple: stirrups are fed; next they are welded to the three longitudinal wires by the welding clamps; the whole girder is made to slide forward while its motion is previously set by the computer and may be constantly checked.The half-assembled girder is now ready to be finished off by fixing the frame carrying bars. As the stirrups have already been welded at the correct distance, the carrying bars may be only tied every 5 or 6 stirrups.

This means:
>saving up to 60% on assembling costs;
>maximum flexibility: girders may be assembled with stirrups of any shape and size. Besides this system avoids all size restrictions and material waste involved with the use of electrowelded mesh;
>high quality standards: the girders obtained with this system are far more precise and stiff than their traditional counterparts and they do not face any risk during transport.


Technical data:


Stirrup dimension - min: 150x150 mm 6"x6"
Stirrup dimension - max: 1500x1500 mm 5'x5'
Max pulling speed: 45 m/min 150 ft/min
Stirrups' n°/min: 12 12
Average power consumption: 8 kW/h 8 kW/h


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