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Marţi, 23 Martie 2010 12:39
Robomaster 60 servo schnell machine rebar processing shaping centres The Robomaster shaping centres allow fully automatic 4- directions bending and the production of any type of shapes, including those with positive and negative bends. Moreover, the bar holding clamps allow independent operations of the two bending units assuring save of time during the production of shapes. It is equipped with wide feeding track consisting of motorised and rubber-coated rollers, bar loaders and unloaders, 2 bending units, one fixed and one mobile2 bending units, one fixed and one mobile, one stop plate for zeroing the bars for each bending unit, ejection cylinder to remove the tools from the toothed part, operation by means of servomotors.


Capacity with split formers: n° 1 bar Ø 40mm; n° 2 bars Ø 32mm.
Capacity with mandrel (optional): n° 1 bar Ø 50mm; n° 3 bars Ø 32mm.


Technical data:


Capacity with formers:      
  1 bars  Ø 40 mm 1 bar  #11
  2 bars  Ø 32 mm 2 bars  #10
4 bars  Ø 26 mm 4 bars  #8
5 bars  Ø 20 mm 5 bars  #6
Capacity with mandrel (optional):      
  1 bar  Ø 50 mm 1 bar  #14
  3 bars  Ø 32 mm 2 bars  #11
  4 bars  Ø 26 mm 3 bars  #10
  5 bars  Ø 20 mm 4 bars   #8
      5 bars   #6
Max.bending angle: 180° 180°
Max. bending speed: 72°/sec 72°/sec
Max. bending displacement speed: 56 m/min 185 ft/min
Average power consumption: 4 kW/h 4 kW/h





Bidimensional bar code reader.

It allows to load the processing programs into the machines.



Bar lifting platforms:

helps the operator when using the bending unit in manual mode. Platforms




Kit epoxy

The ‘epoxy-coated bars kit’ allows processing bars covered with epoxy without  Epoxy

damaging the surface.




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