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Rebar processing
Opti Pocket Imprimare Email
Marţi, 23 Martie 2010 11:41

Opti_PocketOPTI-POCKET cutting bench is a highly productive machine, the ideal solution for factories facing large numbers of small and medium-sized orders. It is especially designed for processing housing material.

'Opti-Pocket' features storage boxes which allow storing and discharging cut rebars from the bench sides, thus reducing considerably the equipment's overall size.
'Opti-Pocket' cutting work stations are fitted with a second transfer unit parallel to the cutting unit. In this way, cut bars can be distributed along the pockets to optimise utilisation. This means that the same pocket can be used to store different orders. In practice, it is rather like having many more pockets available to ensure maximum cutting optimisation and thus reduce offcut quantities.


Technical data:


Cutting capacity 1 barre  Ø 32 mm #10 
2 barre  Ø 26 mm #8
3 barre  Ø 20 mm #6
4 barre  Ø 16 mm #5
Cuts per minute: 25 25
Max. pulling speed: 115 m/min 378 ft/min
Max. pulling speed with Brushless  (optional): 160 m/min 525 ft/min
Displacement speed on rails: 12 m/min 39 ft/min
Average power consumption: 10 kwh 10 kwh
Working pressure: 7 bar 90/100 psi
Cutting  capacity 1 barre  Ø 40 mm #11
2 barre  Ø 32 mm #10
3 barre  Ø 26 mm #8
4 barre  Ø 20 mm #6
5 barre  Ø 16 mm #5
Cuts per minute: 25 25
Max. pulling speed with Brushless: 145 m/min 475 ft/min
Displacement speed on rails: 12 m/min 39 ft/min
Average power consumption: 11 kwh 11 kwh
Working pressure: 7 bar 90/100 psi




Genius automatic loader

Completely automatic bar loading without operator. Genius_automatic_loader





Drive servo-motor

to ensure high work-feed speed and better measurement precision. Servo-motor



Stock Master

The stock-master system (the first two elements of the fixed handling line) ensures constant availability of bar bundles at Stock_Master cutting plane height even if several bundles are stored in each section.




Fixed storage rack. Fixed_storage_rack






Kit for outdoor positioning for cutting benches. Kit

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Shear Line 500 Imprimare Email
Luni, 01 Martie 2010 13:20

Shear Line 500 schnell machine rebar processing shear line Integrated plant to cut, optimize, stock and handle the bars, suitable for mass productions, based on a shear  500, mounted on a mobile frame, with blade of 500 mm (1' 7- 6/8''), VMT measuring and cutting track to cut the bars to size and unload them on the right or left.






Technical data:


Shear Line 500
Working capacity  2 bar   Ø 50 mm 1 bar   #18
6 bars  Ø 40 mm 4 bars  #14
12 bars  Ø 32 mm 8 bars  #11
15 bars  Ø 25 mm 12 bars  #10
18 bars  Ø 20 mm 18 bars  #7
23 bars  Ø 16 mm 30 bars  #5
Cuts per minute: 12-15 12-15
Shearing power: 250 T  250 T 
Useful shearing width: 510 mm 1' 7- 6/8'' 
Installed power: 22 kW 22 kW
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MegaGenius Imprimare Email
(8 votes, average 3.75 out of 5)
Marţi, 23 Februarie 2010 11:27

MegaGenius automatic feeder is an absolute, internationally patented novelty.














MegaGenius automatic feeder is an absolute, internationally patented novelty. Thanks to its innovating system, MegaGenius takes, counts and moves the bars for shear-line feeding in a completely automatic way. With MegaGenius you save money and enhance productivity due to its flexibility.



1. ‘MegaGenius’ is extremely fast so it can feed more bars compared with manual feeding. The result is higher productivity per hour for any kind of shear line.

2. No need of hard and dangerous bar handling so no need of people for such operation resulting in great money saving.

3. The elimination of manual bar feeding enhances security at job site.

4. “MegaGenius” special structure makes it possible to feed shear-lines with higher a number of bars of different diameter and length resulting in:
a. drastic reduction in machine set-up;
b. plant overall dimensions determined by clients’ room available;
c. higher flexibility of the plant.
5. The possibility to optimize cutting procedures means reducing scraps.

Ultima actualizare în Luni, 19 Iulie 2010 12:01

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