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Wednesday, 12 May 2010 00:00
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Plant to realize variable-pitch squared or rectangular spirals

SPIREX is an innovative machine able to realize continuous clampings of both beams and pillars of concrete. It has been possible to realize SPIREX only after fnding the solution for the “VARIABLE-PITCH SPIRAL” (Patented).


The VARIABLE-PITCH SPIRAL is a particular continuous stirrup, whose:• vertical arms are always orthogonal to the main armours, while• the horizontal arms diverge, determining the pitch (also variable) among the different stirrups.
With SPIREX you are able to realize directly this spiral, due to an innovative and original patented method allowing to make a tridimensional bend.

Due to its reduced dimensions, the clamping made in the plant, compressed and tied, can be easily transported in the yard where, once unfastened, returns fexibly to its original conformation. The rods are inserted and secured only in few points.


  1. Low sizes during transport (60 cm for a beam of 6 m);
  2. Accuracy in the pitch between the stirrups;
  3. Great reduction in the number of stirrups to tie on the worksite;
  4. It stretches on its own (since it is compressed)
  5. Results in reduced time and cost of assembly;
  6. Stronger fnal beam if compared to the traditional beams;
  7. The system meets the demands of operators to have the vertical arms actually vertical.
  8. Lack of down time due to tracing reference points, because the stirrups enlarging will place themselves naturally according to the pitches established by the project
  9. Cuts saving (thus leading to a less wearing of the machine).
Continuous-pitch pillar min 250x250
(max pitch 100 mm)
min 350x350
max 650x650
(max pitch 200 mm)
Flat beams Vertical branch
h max 100 mm
Horizontal branch
L max 800 mm
(pitch max 200 mm)
Vertical beams Pitch  max
100 mm
4-arms beams obtained from the junction of 2 flat beams


You can create: pool edges, staircases, spiral staircases, arches, terraces, parapets, kerbs etc..


Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 May 2010 12:35
MegaGenius Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 February 2010 11:27

MegaGenius automatic feeder is an absolute, internationally patented novelty.














MegaGenius automatic feeder is an absolute, internationally patented novelty. Thanks to its innovating system, MegaGeniustakes, counts and moves the bars for shear-line feeding in a completely automatic way. With MegaGenius you save money and enhance productivity due to its flexibility.



1. ‘MegaGenius’ is extremely fast so it can feed more bars compared with manual feeding. The result is higher productivity per hour for any kind of shear line.

2. No need of hard and dangerous bar handling so no need of people for such operation resulting in great money saving.

3. The elimination of manual bar feeding enhances security at job site.

4. “MegaGenius” special structure makes it possible to feed shear-lines with higher a number of bars of different diameter and length resulting in:
a. drastic reduction in machine set-up;
b. plant overall dimensions determined by clients’ room available;
c. higher flexibility of the plant.
5. The possibility to optimize cutting procedures means reducing scraps.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 March 2010 17:41
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